Let's all speak aswaaq!

Let's all speak aswaaq!

Tuna Mayonnaise Sandwich


• 8 sliced bread
• 150 gms tuna
• 1 small Green apple, chopped fine
• 50 gms. Chopped celery
• 200 gms Mayonnaise
• Chopped onion & Boiled Egg
• Salt & pepper to taste


• Drain tuna; flake. & keep aside.
• Combine all the ingredients in a mixing bowl (tuna, green apple, celery).
• Add mayonnaise to the mixture & bring to desired spreading consistency.
• Add salt & pepper as required.
• Spread tuna mixture between bread slices & press thoroughly.
• Cut into half diagonally& serve.

Other Requirement:

• Wear gloves always while handling food.
• Clean and sanitize the food contact surfaces before starting preparation.
• Keep the ingredients chilled and reduce the time outside the chiller.


Mayonnaise, Egg
Tuna Mayonnaise Sandwich
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