Let's all speak aswaaq!

Let's all speak aswaaq!

Chicken Mayo Sandwich


  • 150 gms finely chopped cooked chicken breast.
  • 75 gms finely chopped celery.
  • 50 gms grated carrots.
  • 1 hard cooked eggs chopped.
  • 30 gms chopped pickled gherkins.
  • Dash of black pepper/salt.
  • 200 gms. Mayonnaise.
  • 8 slice Sandwich bread.


  • Mix together chicken, celery, carrots, boiled eggs & gherkins in a bowl.
  • Then add mayonnaise to a mixture, add salt &pepper as required & mix well, keep aside.
  • Spread mixture on bread & cover with other slice of bread & press thoroughly.
  • Cut into 2 half diagonally.

Other Requirement:

  • Wear gloves always while handling food
  • Clean and sanitize the food contact. surfaces before starting preparation.
  • Keep the ingredients chilled and reduce the time outside the chiller.


Mayonnaise, Egg
Chicken Mayo Sandwich
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